Desire Nakavuma

22 April, 2017
Desire was born in 2009.

Desire is the second born in a poverty-stricken family of three children. She was abandoned by her dad when she was 4 years old. Life is extremely difficult for Desire’s single mother to take care of her entire family. Desire’s mom earns a living by selling charcoal. However, her small income is not enough to provide a daily meal, pay rent as well as education fees for her kids to attend school. Desire is very eager to learn and was always disappointed and became emotional whenever she missed school due to lack of tuition fees. Desire was in need of support in order to continue her education. Desire was accepted by Neema Children’s Ministries, the outreach program of Kingdom Child Project. Neema Child Project’s Child Development Program provides funding toward Desire’s education, nutritional needs and medical care.

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