Disan Ssejjemba

15 May, 2017
Disan was born in 2000.

Disan, born in 2000, comes from a poverty stricken family of 11 children. Disan’s parents are struggling to provide the basic needs of their family. They survive by growing small crops on a small rented piece of land, however, this does not produce enough to feed their entire family. Disan’s father is jobless and unable to pay school fees or medical expenses for his children. Disan has regularly missed school due to lack of paid tuition fees. Disan was accepted by Neema Children’s Ministries, the outreach program of Kingdom Child Project. Neema Child Project’s Child Development Program provides funding toward Disan’s education, nutritional needs and medical care. Disan is a brilliant and talented youth who dreams of becoming an engineer.

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