Marvin Ouma

15 May, 2017 All Children, Boys
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Marvin is 13 years old.

Marvin, born in 2004, is a destitute orphaned child whose biological origin is unknown. Having been abandoned in the streets at the age of four, Marvin was picked up by a police officer in the slum area of Kajjansi. An extensive search for his parents and relatives was conducted but no one came forward to claim the boy.

Marvin quickly became tired of staying with the police and started visiting a nearby elderly Good Samaritan woman. Florence, age 71, was subsequently authorized by the police to take care of Marvin and she immediately loved the young boy as her own grandson. Florence, now known as Marvin’s Grandmum, also supports five other grandchildren and earns her living by selling local tea. Her meager income is not nearly enough to pay the overwhelming expenses of rent and daily meals. Florence is unable to pay for Marvin to go to school. Marvin has never had the privilege of going to school.

Through Neema Children’s Ministries outreach program and during a 2017 trip to Uganda by a Neema Child Project Lead Member, Marvin was identified and added to our Child Sponsorship Program. Marvin has a passion to attain education, but requires a Child Sponsor in order to start going to school. He is a very humble and motivated boy and his dream is to become an Engineer.


Every child has a story and a dream

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John is 10 years old.

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Ismail is 13 years old.

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Disan is 17 years old.


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