Morgan Ashiraf Kikomeko

08 July, 2016
Morgan was born in 2001.

Morgan, born in 2001, was dedicated at birth to the demon spirits by his father who is an extremist Muslim as well as a witch doctor. Morgan was tormented and oppressed by evil spirits which slowed down his education and had him missing school on a regular basis. Life became very difficult for the young boy and his mom who worried constantly about his future. Through door to door evangelism by Pastor Daniel Mutibwa, Morgan and his mom decided to give their lives to Jesus and become Christians. This sparked off bitterness within their family. They were driven away from their home and became outcasts, homeless and poverty stricken without any support. Morgan was accepted by Neema Children’s Ministries, the outreach program of Kingdom Child Project. Neema Child Project’s Child Development Program provides funding toward Morgan’s education, nutritional needs and medical care.


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