DevXchange is a registered Canadian Charity dedicated to creating sustainable international development around the world. They do this by establishing and supporting partnerships between other NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations), local implementing partners and volunteers around the world.

With nearly 40 programs in 19 countries DevXchange acts as an umbrella organization that enables individuals and non-registered organizations to implement charitable projects overseas. They do this by providing administrative support and accountability to the standards of the Canada Revenue Agency. As a charitable program within DevXchange, Neema Child Project can collect donations from Canadian Citizens which will then be receipted for tax purposes by DevXchange. Once donations are processed and accounted for by DevXchange, the funds are then forwarded to our Implementing Partner, Kingdom Child Project in Uganda, Africa and dispersed according to their intended purpose.

DevXchange was founded by Tom and Beth Fellows following 30 years experience in international humanitarian work. Increasing inquiries by friends and family as to how they could become more involved in humanitarian work spawned the idea for creating a charity that would “help people help people”. The Fellows noted more and more people wanted to volunteer their time and expertise, and have a direct relationship with overseas partners who were on the front line of helping people in need. In 2006, a competent group of individuals joined with them to form a Board and start the registration process. Beth and Tom are now retired and live in Belize, but continue to work with local development groups in Belize and DevXchange projects around the world. Beth also serves on the Board of Directors.


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