Kingdom Child Project

While Neema Child Project has recently been founded here in Canada, our implementing partner in Uganda, Kingdom Child Project, has been working for several years, helping destitute children rise up out of very difficult situations.

Kingdom Child Project, a registered local Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda, is led by Pastor Daniel Mutibwa. Kingdom Child Project has several entities including Neema Children’s Choir, Kajjansi Miracle Centre Church, Neema Children’s Ministries and Naioth Children’s Home, all centred in Kajjansi, just outside of the capital city of Kampala. Their goal has always been to improve the lives of children who have been left in the worst of living situations.

Uganda is a country which has been stricken with HIV/AIDS and civil war. The result is a country made up of broken families, hundreds of thousands of orphaned children and all the problems which go hand in hand with desperate poverty.

Pastor Daniel has always believed that education is the key to creating a future filled with positive change and progress. With the end goal of sending children to school, Kingdom Child Project identifies, rescues and provides for the basic needs of children who would otherwise be forgotten. Kingdom Child Project relies solely on donations as government assistance is not available.

Pastor Daniel Mutibwa

Pastor Daniel Mutibwa

Living conditions of a family receiving help through Neema Children’s Ministries (outreach program).
Living conditions

House made of mud

Outdoor fire pit for cooking

Outhouse structure

Toilet pit