Neema Child Project’s primary goals are to create awareness in support of impoverished and orphaned children in Uganda, Africa and to raise funds in support of our implementing partner, Kingdom Child Project.

Neema Child Project exists as a Christian faith-based volunteer program within DevXchange, a registered Canadian charity. Uganda is a country where over half the population is under the age of sixteen. This means that the next few years are a critical time in Uganda’s history. With a high percentage of the youth population out of school, it is the intent of Neema Child Project to raise funds through donations in order to get children in to school. Through education, we believe that a child’s life can be positively impacted and that hope can be created. We believe that well educated children with hope can and will develop into community

leaders who will further perpetuate positive change and develop ways to lead their people and their country out of poverty. Our recently established relationship with DevXchange is a major step forward for Neema Child Project. As a program within DevXchange, Neema Child Project can fundraise through donations and have tax receipts issued to our supporters for their contributions. Neema Child Project forwards funds to Kingdom Child Project in Uganda for use within the ministry for food and water, clothing, housing, health care and education fees. Other initiatives include Cultural Exchange/Travel, Naioth Children’s Home (Orphanage), Masunkwe Sustainability Project and Neema Christmas Festival. Kingdom Child Project is accountable to DevXchange

for the use of these funds so that our supporters are assured that their contributions are being used to the utmost benefit of the children in the program.

Since DevXchange, Neema Child Project and Kingdom Child Project are operated in large part by volunteers, the cost of administration is kept to a minimum, ensuring that a high percentage of donations are allocated toward programs that benefit the children.